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So why do it?

Ok, ok, bad me for not posting regularly. But I think starting a tavern for events...really a mini-event within an event...is kinda like an airplane (or a dirigible), it's going to take alot to get this puppy off the ground. I can't do it by myself of course! I do have a few other interested parties, but (as we all are) they are awful busy with other commitments. SO...I will keep the home fires burning! Leave a light in the window! Put a bucket of water over the doorway! Oops...ixnay that last one. :p

I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts about my desire for something fun to do at events (besides watching fighting and learning new stuff). In particular, I want to have something fun to do that encourages role-play. We are supposed to portray medieval people! No it's not easy. I just hope that people will do their best or at the very least have such a damn good time listening to music, eating, and socializing that their day to day troubles will ease for a little while. :)

Here's a recent post made on another website that caught my eye. (At the recent Gulf Wars) "The absolute high point was Saturday night in the Green Dragon listening to Owain Phyfe and the incomparable Wolgemut. A nearly perfect evening."

I doubt I'll ever reach the same level of awesomeness that the Green Dragon has already attained, but wouldn't it be wonderful to remain as a favorite memory among event attendees?

Planning Stage 1

It started off as a hang-out-over-bbq session with my friends Anne and Tracie. We reviewed my work as an autocrat of our local 12th Night (it went okay). Then I said, "You know what I really want to do...." :)

A few of my friends had tossed around the idea of hosting a 'persona tavern' at someone's house a couple of years ago. It never materialized because it takes quite a bit of effort and imagination! *laughs* Sometimes people are afraid of roleplaying, sometimes they are intimidated by History. I have to admit I'd have a hard time getting in 'character' as a medieval German woman from Breslau.

Historical accuracy...well, that's not actually what I had in mind! :D I want people to have a good time eating, drinking, and merrymaking in a medieval tavern-style environment. Not everyone can be 'Lord Important Person of Noble Family.' You need LOCALS, regular folk who could be found in a tavern. Plants basically. I want to have some people I can count on to be local color and tavern staff to keep the conversations going and provide some entertainment.
Here's our brainstormed list of characters we invented last night:
upright citizen
dissolute doctor
greedy merchant
card shark
soldiers, mercs (can we keep a corner of the tavern dark for these guys to skulk in? :D)
starcrossed lovers
corrupt cleric
random nobility
village idiot
fortune teller
traveling players/troupe

We would need actual 'staff' too to run any money collecting, dishwashing/cleaning, and cooking that may be needed (in character). Staff of the tavern can cycle through different roles: the corrupt cleric could take a break and help in the kitchen for a while. That kind of thing.

Rather than have this in the very mundane environment of someone's home, we plan to use a large pavilion appropriately decorated. This will be at what I'm calling the SEEs, Someone Else's Events. :D Certainly not the HOLY See! lol. Ok, it's a bad joke on my part.

The interior of the pavilion may have a curtained off area for storage of visitors' coolers, coats, or mundane items people can't leave behind. In front of the tent there will be a handful of tables and benches surrounded by woven reed (I forget the actual term) fencing. There will be a sign out front that says all mundanity must be left outside the fence. Part of the bouncer's job will be to tell people who lapse back into talk about their computer problems (or whatever) that perhaps it is time to pay the bill. :D I like Tracie's idea that any time someone says 'Okay' or talks about modern life needs to put a quarter in the drink fund jar.

Alot of people have dreams like mine of a candle-lit EXPERIENCE at events (that unfortunately sometimes are nothing more than an expensive chunk of time spent in medieval-esque clothing talking about day-to-day stuff). I'd like to make it happen. It will take alot of work, probably more than I realize, to make this a reality. But wouldn't it be cool!


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